Concert & Jawl Properties:
A Partnership in Excellence


Putting people first is at the heart of the Concert story. In 1989, Concert was founded with a mandate to create assured rental housing. Since then, we’ve grown and diversified—and the Company became a real estate corporation wholly-owned by union and management pension plans representing over 200,000 Canadians. Today, our portfolio includes condominiums, rentals, seniors’ active aging communities, industrial and commercial properties, and public infrastructure projects across Canada.

We are deeply invested in improving the lives of the people who live and work in our communities, acknowledging that communities are more than just buildings. We take pride in ensuring these communities are environmentally and socially sustainable to address climate change and reduce waste while fostering human connection. And our relentless passion for quality means we critically think about every decision, no matter how small. We hold ourselves to firm quality standards that guarantee an unparalleled execution.

We are a proud Canadian company, providing quality employment across the country, and working together with the people we serve to realize our vision—building resilient, inclusive, sustainable communities.

Jawl Properties Ltd. is a leading real estate developer focused on commercial, residential and mixed-use developments in Victoria. With over 35 years of experience, Jawl is known for its underlying commitment to quality and the creation of environmentally sustainable developments that contribute to the vitality of their surrounding neighbourhoods.

With a portfolio that includes The Atrium, 1515 Douglas, the Selkirk Waterfront Community and now Capital Park; Jawl Properties Ltd. is the largest investor, developer and manager of commercial office space in Victoria.

Jawl also has extensive experience in residential real estate development including Sayward Hill, Selkirk Waterfront, Mattick’s Wood and Mattick’s Green.

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